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One thing I find amusing about this list (which like some others is kind of a long-running soap opera that happens to sometimes produce software as a side effect) is that many times, I can see just two bits of information:

- The subject of the email
- The name of the person responding

And I basically *know* what they're going to say.  

Maybe one morning I'll be drinking my coffee, reading a thread like this that has "" in the Subject and see e.g. Kevin Kofler reply, open up the email and he'll say actually something like "JIRA is so awesome!  I love the query language!"¹ and I'll just spew coffee all over my keyboard laughing in surprise.  We could all chose to reply to threads we ordinarily wouldn't, in a different way - just to, you know, spice things up a bit.  Keep the viewers^Hreaders entertained.

(This is a point about the list overall and this thread somewhat specificially, but only partially your reply; I was *pretty sure* since you replied you'd be disagreeing.  But honestly that's *mainly* because email doesn't have "thumbs up" style emoji reactions that would be useful in scenarios like this.  Because sending an email that just says "+1" or "I agree" is a lot of noise/overhead...)

On Thu, Sep 14, 2023, at 8:50 AM, Fabio Valentini wrote:

> Switch GitLab and Pagure in that statement and I could say the exact same thing.

My point is only partly about the HTML, but about the ecosystem surrounding it (CI is a really big one) but really the total user experience (account system, uptime, moving issues), etc.

The bigger point I want to make here is that one of the roles of Fedora obviously is to be an upstream for RHEL.  To state the blindingly obvious thing, RHEL made a decision to centralize on Gitlab.  Having Fedora be on pagure creates IMO unnecessary friction for me.  I would be quite curious to get some sort of survey of other engineers for how they feel.  I'm sure there's some that disagree with me, to be clear - at least one already responded.

¹ To be clear, I am also not a JIRA fan, but that's a mostly orthogonal debate...
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