Re: How will fragmentation help Red Hat

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> Well, as RH's announcement is quite some day ago, I had time to reflect
> this jumble. The whole thing is much more complex than people want to
> admit and I will not decompose this all here now. Honestly I see
> the open source ecosystem like a hardware store. You have everything
> that you need to build your own home, thats all. So, some entity is
> needed to build it - a worker, consultant, hobby crafts(wo)man, agency,
> midsize firm, corporation et cetera, and that is the truth the we all
> should face it. To make it clear, what product do you get when a loosy
> community build a distribution, with components of projects that are

You'll get distributions like Debian, Arch or also FreeBSD and other BSDs.
One thing they had in common with Red Hat distributions is that they are
of high quality and one could fully trust them.

Unfortunately I fail to still trust Red Hat as I did in the past.


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