Re: Problem with SD card

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On Tue, Aug 8, 2023 at 3:30 PM Geoffrey Leach <> wrote:
> Yes, the card has been in use for nearly two years and has 250G of
> data. The problem only began recently.
> It was purchased on Amazon for $110 +/- a couple of years ago.

Shot in the dark things to try....

First, save the data somewhere else, then:
- re-partition the card with 2 partitions instead of 1, and then re-do
mkfs on each partition.  Or don't use any partitions.  Or just change
the start block.
- re-do mkfs but use xfs instead
- determine the bad superblock location and use dd to overwrite with zeros
- use dd to zero the entire partition

Basically anything that would move or destroy the problematic
superblock ( this is assuming the superblock is actually the issue as
opposed to something else, which may be a bad assumption).
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