Re: Problem with SD card

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Thanks for the reply.

The SD card behaves the same way on another system (F37)

In desperation, I removed all of the date and used gparted to delete
and recreate the file system. It did than, then restored all of the
deleted files. 

I have the new result below. It appears that I need to replace the
superblock, but I've been unable to discover how to do that.

# e2fsck  /dev/mmcblk0p1
e2fsck 1.46.5 (30-Dec-2021)
MP4: recovering journal
Superblock needs_recovery flag is clear, but journal has data.
Run journal anyway<y>? yes
e2fsck: unable to set superblock flags on MP4
MP4: ********** WARNING: Filesystem still has errors **********

On Mon, 7 Aug 2023 11:05:17 -0500
Roger Heflin <rogerheflin@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> What does it show in messages after the mount?  That is where I would
> expect the underlying read errors to be.
> I have also had some issues with certain sdxc readers seeming to not
> work well with some cards.  There are also a significant number of MMC
> changes going into the kernel recently.  There is an entire new set of
> code (not sure if has made it into the latest released kernel yet) for
> the UHS-II cards (All UHS-II cards are working backwards compat for
> UHS-I).
> You might try a different machine/reader and see if it works on a
> different one.   The issues I saw only happened with the larger and/or
> faster cards and only in some readers.
> On Mon, Aug 7, 2023 at 10:19 AM Geoffrey Leach
> <> wrote:
> >
> > I have a 1TB SanDisk XC SD card, which has developed a reluctance to
> > create files.
> >
> > UUID=0fd984c4-cf88-408a-8ba5-15b64500bd5c  /Media/SDXC   ext4
> > noauto,rw,user 0 0
> >
> > % sudo mount /Media/SDXC
> > % touch /Media/SDXC/foo
> > % ls /Media/SDXC/foo
> > /Media/SDXC/foo
> > % sudo umount /Media/SDXC
> > % sudo mount /Media/SDXC
> > % ls /Media/SDXC/foo
> > /bin/ls: cannot access '/Media/SDXC/foo': No such file or directory
> >
> > I used root to mount, just to be sure. User mount has the same
> > problem. gparted reported a problem with the superblock which was
> > resolved by re-formatting and re-creating the partition table. The
> > card has just one partition.
> >
> > Suggestions for further diagnosis would be appreciated.

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