Problem with SD card

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I have a 1TB SanDisk XC SD card, which has developed a reluctance to
create files.

UUID=0fd984c4-cf88-408a-8ba5-15b64500bd5c  /Media/SDXC   ext4
noauto,rw,user 0 0

% sudo mount /Media/SDXC
% touch /Media/SDXC/foo
% ls /Media/SDXC/foo
% sudo umount /Media/SDXC
% sudo mount /Media/SDXC
% ls /Media/SDXC/foo
/bin/ls: cannot access '/Media/SDXC/foo': No such file or directory

I used root to mount, just to be sure. User mount has the same problem.
gparted reported a problem with the superblock which was resolved by
re-formatting and re-creating the partition table. The card has just
one partition.

Suggestions for further diagnosis would be appreciated.
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