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On 8/7/2023 10:18 AM, Geoffrey Leach wrote:
I have a 1TB SanDisk XC SD card, which has developed a reluctance to
create files.

UUID=0fd984c4-cf88-408a-8ba5-15b64500bd5c  /Media/SDXC   ext4
noauto,rw,user 0 0

% sudo mount /Media/SDXC
% touch /Media/SDXC/foo
% ls /Media/SDXC/foo
% sudo umount /Media/SDXC
% sudo mount /Media/SDXC
% ls /Media/SDXC/foo
/bin/ls: cannot access '/Media/SDXC/foo': No such file or directory

I used root to mount, just to be sure. User mount has the same problem.
gparted reported a problem with the superblock which was resolved by
re-formatting and re-creating the partition table. The card has just
one partition.

Suggestions for further diagnosis would be appreciated.

 Are you able to read existing files off the SD flash?

 Did the "touch /Media/SDXC/foo" operation above fail due to Read-Only filesystem?

 I do have a lot of experience with managed/unmanaged flash filesystems under Linux, but don't assume the following applies to your particular case.  Higher-quality "Managed Flash" devices (like SD/uSD/MMC/eMMC) self-monitor their own "health status" over time. When the flash array begins to develop a sufficient number of bad sectors, many will mark themselves Read-Only to prevent loss of future data (but allow you the opportunity to off-load existing files before total failure occurs).  Cheap-o units aren't as well-behaved- they just fail to retain new files.  You might see some flash/disk related messages in the syslog during the "sync".

 Does this problem occur with any other flash devices you have?

 If this problem seems to affect only that single flash device, I would suggest permanently retiring it and moving to an alternate. <voice of experience here-   make sure you clearly mark it "BAD!!" and throw it away, otherwise it WILL unexpectedly reappear in the future and provide the same entertaining learning-experience, again and again...   ;)  >

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