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A. Maitland Bottoms wrote:
Bob Relyea writes:
> The CoolKey CVS tree is tagged with the release number. When I build a > tar ball, my script also tags the tree for the release.

Oh, I noticed that, but still wanted the update
"Remove reset and CUID reading for CAC. This was causing concurrent apps to
loose login state."
which seems to have occurred since the COOLKEY_1_0_1 tag.
> pk11install is really a generic tool that probably should be moved to > NSS (you can change the parameters and install any PKCS #11 module). > There should be a disable option in the current configure script for it > (actually I thought I turned if off by default and only enabled it for > FC-6).

That change, too, I think occurred after the COOLKEY_1_0_1 tag.
Yeah, it's getting time to create a new COOLKEY tag.
> You can run it as a user and install your favorite PKCS > #11 module into all the browsers/mailreaders you have installed.

Oh, that is good to know. Of course, thinking like a unix administrator,
I'd like a tool that would do that for all users of a system.
That'll come in the shared database version of NSS;).

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