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I've been working on creating a Gentoo ebuild for CoolKey (having had some good results with it on FC6).  I have a working ebuild, and have been working with a Gentoo developer to refine it.  A few issues have come up:

1. Is there a tarball floating around for the 1.0.1 release?  So far I've been using the SRPM from FC6 (1.0.1-10), and while Portage has support for dealing with RPMs, that does add some extra dependencies since not every Gentoo user will have RPM installed, so we'd rather have a tarball.  We could probably use rpm2targz to convert the RPM or build one from CVS, but if there's an official tarball floating around somewhere I suspect that's preferred.

2. Extracting the SRPM and building from source is getting us headers and .la and .a files as well as the .so, which I didn't see on the FC6 install.  I'm assuming we need to change a call to ./configure to fix this?

3. The Gentoo developer thinks the package should be split in two, one for libckyapplet and the other for libcoolkeypk11.  I'm not sure what the distinction is to determine whether or not this would be appropriate.

4. The Gentoo developer doesn't seem to like the automatic install into nss and would like some sort of --disable-nss-install.

The bug report tracking the discussion is here in case you're interested (which you might want to do in case I missed or misunderstood something):


David Mueller

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