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On Sunday 24 November 2002 11:19 am, you wrote:
> Forgive me if this has been received, I did not receive it back myself. I
> will follow up with an update
> On Saturday 23 November 2002 02:43 am, you wrote:

> > include the nvidia driver option for agp use set to 3 (search and use
> > agpgart first, then nvidia's own internat AGP)!/

> Michael,
> 	I have made some headway. Running glxgears sometimes does NOT hang X and I
> get a frame rate of 2100-2300 f/sec. GL apps still hang X or crash if I
> push them. I'm running a beta of Pro_Engnieer (CAD application) that has
> recently been ported to *nix., and rotating or zooming a view very quickly
> commonly either crashes the app or locks the x-session.
glxgears now appears stable, after changing NVagp option to "3" as you 
recomended. Framerates are now about 2300 f/sec in the normal window and 300 
f/sec full screen at 1600x1200  Pro_E seems fine when I use it's controls to 
zoom, pan,rotate etc, but if I use the scroll wheel in my Logitech 3 button 
scroll track ball to zoom very quickly I can still crash the app The mouse 
uses protocol "IMPS/2" Any ideas? This is not a huge problem as such rapid 
zooming is not really needed but it is irritating, (lost data etc) and 
obviously should be corrected. Thanks for your help so far
Regards, Ernie
100% Microsoft and Intel free

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