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Assuming your running RedHat 7.x or better, the problem is most likely:
1) compiling the nVidia kernel instead of just DL'ing and installing the
RPM for it, 2) your driver is supposed to read "nvidia" but you may not
have replaced that entry with the entry for the Savage s4 (typically
'vesa' includes a separate fbdev listing which you'll need to take out),
and 3) /make sure you have the agpgart.o module loaded on boot and
include the nvidia driver option for agp use set to 3 (search and use
agpgart first, then nvidia's own internat AGP)!/

It would be best if you include your XFree86-4 config and xfree86.log
(from startx > xfree86.log) so we can see what's actually happening. 
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