nvidia problems glxgears hangs box

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Hi All,
	I spent an hour looking through archives this morning and I either missed my 
answer or it just isn't there.
	The machine in question is an Athlon 800mhz processor with 768 megs of ram.
Just yesterday, I installed a Nvidia GeForce 4 Ti 4200 AGP card . I compiled 
the NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-3123.tar.gz and installed NVIDIA_GLX-1.0-3123.i386.rpm.
	I then edited XF86Config-4, replacing Driver "vesa" with Driver "nvidia"
The line Load    "glx" is there and I removed Load "dri" and Load "GLcore" as 
per nvidia's 41 page README.
	startx resulted in a great display at 1600x1200. So far, so good. I then 
played an mpeg of the trailer for the new Xmen movie, or is it a game? (not a 
	Hey this is great! Fantastic compared to the Savage s4 that I replaced. So I 
then ran glxgears. The gears spin furriously for about a half second, stop 
with no framerate displayed and the machine is hung up requiring the one 
fingered salute.
	I'm running XFree86-4.2.0-6elx and XFree86-tools-4.2.0-6elx. Could glxgears 
be my problem? Or could it be my XF86Config-4? How can I tell? There are no 
games installed though I suppose I could install QuakeIII if I had to.
	Thanks in advance for your help.
Regards, Ernie
100% Microsoft and Intel free

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