Re: Where is the ATI Radeeon ???

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Hi Rich,

ATI is normally Ok, but in conjunction with Dell LapTop  ???. Mostly labeled
"Mobile". I can understand your frustration. Try this:

In  XFf86Config:
a)  Driver:"VESA "(Slow but working).
b)  Driver:"ati" (If you have it, nice working).
c)  Driver: "r128  (The ATI Rage128 driver).
Not sure this help, but may be an "approach".

>Can someone PLEASE explain to me how I can select the ATI Radeon (any
>version would be a good start) in the Xfree86 configuration (xf86config) ?
>I've used the xfree86 package (v 4.2.1) that comes with FreeBSE 4.7 and none
>of the Radeon chips are listed when I run xf86config. So I rebuilt 4.2.0
>from source and although several radeon chips are dea "attack"finitely listed in the
>source, they just don't appear when I run xf86config !
>I actually want to get my radeon 9000 working (on a Dell laptop), and from
>the info I've already managed to get from this and other sites, I've added
>its device ID to the source and rebuilt it. It builds ok, but (again), it
>doesn't get llisted in the configuration tool !
>At the moment, the best I can get out of X is VGA resolution (using the VGA
>driver) - anything else (ie - trying to use any of the ATI drivers) just
>doesn't work (can't find driver, can't find device etc etc...)
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