Where is the ATI Radeeon ???

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Can someone PLEASE explain to me how I can select the ATI Radeon (any
version would be a good start) in the Xfree86 configuration (xf86config) ?
I've used the xfree86 package (v 4.2.1) that comes with FreeBSE 4.7 and none
of the Radeon chips are listed when I run xf86config. So I rebuilt 4.2.0
from source and although several radeon chips are definitely listed in the
source, they just don't appear when I run xf86config !

I actually want to get my radeon 9000 working (on a Dell laptop), and from
the info I've already managed to get from this and other sites, I've added
its device ID to the source and rebuilt it. It builds ok, but (again), it
doesn't get llisted in the configuration tool !

At the moment, the best I can get out of X is VGA resolution (using the VGA
driver) - anything else (ie - trying to use any of the ATI drivers) just
doesn't work (can't find driver, can't find device etc etc...)




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