CVS mirrors? anoncvs down?

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I could use some help: I'm trying to check out xc, and am unable to access When will this be back up? Are there any mirrors of
the CVS 
tree (every one of the mirror sites I checked pointed back to the xfree86
CVS!) I did 
find one in germany (, but it has a
stuck lock 
on one directory, so the checkout can't get any further:

cvs server: [01:00:37] waiting for cvs's lock in

It's been like that for a day.

A basic question--is there a way to get cvs to ignore such locks, bypass
and keep 
going witht he rest of the checkout. Or just take whatever's there, even if
it's in the 
middle of a change? I  doubt I even need that part of the code. Is there a
way to 
checkout sub-parts of the whole 'xc'?

Finally, will a checkout xc automatically checkout the very latest version?

Thanks for your help,

John Iversen

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