Re: Planned changes for to reduce the "Bugzilla blues"

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On 10/3/22 06:37, Geert Uytterhoeven wrote:
Hi Artem,

On Sun, Oct 2, 2022 at 11:54 PM Artem S. Tashkinov <aros@xxxxxxx> wrote:
It's easy to join an existing bug report. Tell me how can I join an
existing email thread without being first subscribed to it? I certainly
can, absolute most people will not be able to.

What about sending large dump files? Should everyone on the mailing list
receive it?

post a link

A bug report is a simple plain list of messages in a single place which
could be read with a web browser. An email thread is anything but.

Searching through many emails at once? Good luck with that.

Replying to a particular email? Good luck with that.

It looks like you're under the impression that every Linux user who is
willing to ever use Linux must:

1) Subscribe to _all_ the existing mailing lists (just in case - what if
you need to work on something which was started by someone else)

2) Know the email etiquette

Just Be Polite

3) Learn to be persistent and resend (an unknown number of times) your
concerns hoping they will eventually be addressed.

Bugzilla: sign up once. Follow up. If you file a dupe, hopefully it will
be marked as a dupe. Everyone's happy. No particular skills, email
clients, formatting, referencing, etc. etc. etc.

Having at last the skill to provide a good rebug port would be nice...

Now, back to work. The merge window has opened, so there will be
bugs to report and/or fix...

Lore looks alien to me and in my life I've worked with a dozen bug trackers.

* Where are open "issues"?
* Which issues are now resolved?
* What's the status of the "issue"?
* Which kernel subsystem is responsible for this or that "bug report"?
* How to change the assignee? How to know the new assignee has been

This thing looks interesting to discuss patches and merge requests
between developers who know each other and even at that it's not exactly
super intuitive. Again, you're not thinking about users who have no idea
how the kernel is developed.

If you remove bugzilla I'll never use, I promise. I'm
frightened by it.


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