Re: Planned changes for to reduce the "Bugzilla blues"

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On 10/2/22 23:04, Al Viro wrote:
On Sun, Oct 02, 2022 at 10:20:40PM +0000, Artem S. Tashkinov wrote:

Bugzilla hasn't been updated in a very long time so it's missing both
mailing lists and individual kernel developers.

AFAIK, some pieces of kernel have no appropriate mailing lists at all.
What about that? I've no clue.

There's that file, right in the root of the source tree.  Called "MAINTAINERS",
in all-caps...  Could have something to do with locating maintainers, could it not?

Opt-in will work, except I've no idea how to make it work. Mass email
all the kernel developers and politely invite them to sign up? Most will
simply ignore it.

Sigh...   You really don't seem to appreciate just how deep a septic
tank you've jumped into with your combination of "it should be opt-out"
and "but unsubscribing takes just a minute, what are you unhappy about?!?"

Maybe you are not using email a lot, but for just about everyone who does...
We have heard that.  Many, many times.  From many sources - spammers,
"legitimate" companies' marketing departments, etc.

And you keep moving along the same track - the usual reaction of some
company after having pulled back a bloody stump and enjoyed the pile of
explanations of the reasons why opt-out is *NOT* *ACCEPTABLE*, *EVER*
is along the lines of "OK, we'll just spam everyone in our database once
and ask them to opt-in - that must be OK, right?"

Being on bugzilla does _not_ mean you'll receive a single email unless
someone _specifically_ CC's you.

(Except for relevant mailing lists and already specified maintainers who
are confirmed to manage certain kernel subsystems).

We've had over40 messages in this conversation and not a single person
has complained about SPAM ever coming from bugzilla.

With what I proposed that would _not_ change.

Weird to read this torrent of hatred and aggression towards purely
imaginary SPAM.

Anyways, Bugzilla is bad but it surely works. Let's have 100+ more
interchanges inventing something most users (for whom Bugzilla exists -
which people here keep forgetting all the time) will a have hard time
working with.

I repeat: Bugzilla exists for end users primarily.


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