Re: Planned changes for to reduce the "Bugzilla blues"

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On 10/2/22 22:08, Steven Rostedt wrote:

Sometime mailing lists are worth CC'ing, sometimes individual developers
when you can easily find/bisect the bad commit.

Bugzilla hasn't been updated in a very long time so it's missing both
mailing lists and individual kernel developers.

AFAIK, some pieces of kernel have no appropriate mailing lists at all.
What about that? I've no clue.

Opt-in will work, except I've no idea how to make it work. Mass email
all the kernel developers and politely invite them to sign up? Most will
simply ignore it.

It's been mentioned here several times already that even collecting
their public email addresses in public git logs could be considered illegal.

There's too much resistance, too much "Mail will work for everyone"
except when it doesn't. I've got a strong feeling inving me to this
discussion was a bad mistake and no one even remotely likes my
proposals. Sorry, I give up.

Best regards,

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