Re: Planned changes for to reduce the "Bugzilla blues"

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On 10/2/22 21:11, Laurent Pinchart wrote:

Do you realize how insulting this is, for all the developers and
maintainers who spend lots of their free time doing their best ? It's
all very nice to complain and rant, but if you want things to move
forward, lead the effort and work on it.

Considering how much I've poured into this discussion already and all my
_unpaid_ work to improve Linux over the past 25+ years, to accuse me of
this sounds like pure insult.

The part your replied to? That was thinly veiled sarcasm seeing such
strong resistance from people who have seemingly never even visited
bugzilla. I'm appalled you took it at face value.

I'm taken aback by people who oppose bugzilla which has helped resolve
criticial issues and implement important features in a manner which
wouldn't be possible using email. It's my only reaction. I'm alive and
it pains me to see a decent collaborative tool being harshly criticized
to no end with no _working_ alternatives being proposed.


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