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On Tue, Nov 16, 2021 at 02:51:59PM +0100, Drew DeVault wrote:
> > Overall, Migadu is a good recommendation for individual developer
> > accounts, but may be too restricting for maintainers that do end up
> > sending huge amounts of mail. Gmail or Fastmail could be better
> > options for those folks.
> I'm surprised to learn that is using Migadu rather than its
> own infrastructure. I would only recommend it for personal use.

1. We couldn't easily gauge how many people would be interested in the
   service, so the goal was to avoid setting up infrastructure if only a small
   subset of users would be interested in using it. And that's largely proven
   correct, as only about 20 people requested accounts on, and only
   about 5-7 people use them regularly to send and receive mail.
2. Dealing with spammers is a huge effort sink, so if someone already has a
   good setup for recognizing and catching spammers, then we might as well
   delegate this to them.
3. Migadu offers open-source project discounts, so it's actually dramatically
   cheaper for us to use them than to run our own infra in terms of admin
   time. :)

> I will say that I have also occasionally hit Migadu's limits, but they
> have been accomodating in loosening them for legitimate use when asked.

Yes, I have no complaints about Migadu. They are great and I heartily
recommend it to others.


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