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On Tue, Nov 16, 2021 at 09:29:03AM +0100, Drew DeVault wrote:
> > > I recommend Migadu:
> >
> > Which is subject to the traffic limitations as mentioned by Konstantin?
> I might have missed Konstantin's message, but yes, Migadu has traffic
> limits. I use the standard plan, which supports 500 outgoing and 3000
> incoming emails per day. This might not be enough for you, though, and
> the "maxi" plan is pretty pricey.

We do have the maxi plan for, and we *have* hit limits. The Migadu
folks have been extremely accommodating for us, so it's not been a huge deal
thus far, but I'm not sure if the relaxed restrictions they've put in place
are just for the domain or now apply globally. For example, sending
large patch series (20+) used to trip up Migadu's outgoing rate limit for too
much mail sent at once. We've not hit that error for a while, so I assume
they've relaxed that restriction either just for, or perhaps

It's important to keep in mind that the overall outgoing/incoming limits are
per account, not per mailbox. Not a huge deal for personal use, but quickly
adds up for setups like we have, which is why we ask folks not to subscribe to
busy lists (see #4 in the list of our requirements here:

Overall, Migadu is a good recommendation for individual developer accounts,
but may be too restricting for maintainers that do end up sending huge
amounts of mail. Gmail or Fastmail could be better options for those folks.


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