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On Tue Nov 16, 2021 at 2:49 PM CET, Konstantin Ryabitsev wrote:
> We do have the maxi plan for, and we *have* hit limits. The
> Migadu folks have been extremely accommodating for us, so it's not
> been a huge deal thus far, but I'm not sure if the relaxed
> restrictions they've put in place are just for the domain or
> now apply globally. For example, sending large patch series (20+) used
> to trip up Migadu's outgoing rate limit for too much mail sent at
> once. We've not hit that error for a while, so I assume they've
> relaxed that restriction either just for, or perhaps
> globally.
> It's important to keep in mind that the overall outgoing/incoming
> limits are per account, not per mailbox. Not a huge deal for personal
> use, but quickly adds up for setups like we have, which is why we ask
> folks not to subscribe to busy lists (see #4 in the list of our
> requirements here:
> Overall, Migadu is a good recommendation for individual developer
> accounts, but may be too restricting for maintainers that do end up
> sending huge amounts of mail. Gmail or Fastmail could be better
> options for those folks.

I'm surprised to learn that is using Migadu rather than its
own infrastructure. I would only recommend it for personal use.

I will say that I have also occasionally hit Migadu's limits, but they
have been accomodating in loosening them for legitimate use when asked.

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