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On Tue, Nov 16, 2021 at 09:01:35AM +0100, Geert Uytterhoeven wrote:
> > Well, I'm sure they wouldn't mind if you paid them money for a "Titan Security
> > key", but it's really just a rebranded Chinese-made U2F token and, as such,
> > not any different from any other U2F security key. You can get one from
> > Nitrokey ( or SoloKeys ( I *do* recommend using a
> > hardware token for your Google account, seeing as it's increasingly tied to so
> > much of our online identity.
> Thanks for the explanation.
> Given it uses U2F, that means I cannot use the Nitrokey Start for that?

No, the Start doesn't support u2f. Their Nitrokey 3 should support all
operation modes that kernel devs would want (PGP, Fido2), but they have been
hit by the same chips shortage as everyone else, so the launch has been
delayed multiple times. I should get mine soon, hopefully, so I'll be able to
review it.

If you just want a U2F token for your Google account, then you can get any
common Fido2 device, including the Titan key. If you only use it for Google
and a handful of other sites supporting u2f, then you only need it extremely
occasionally and it can just hang on your keychain and look pretty the rest of
the time.


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