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According to Ollivier Robert:
> Haven't found one yet either.  There are things that clearly irk me
> about (no utf-8 support, bug with memory allocation when article numbers
> are high) and I'd love to have a copy of the CVS repo to convert it to
> something else and play with it (I guess I could do w/o the history).

After sending this, I looked around and guess what I did find?  A complete
three years old copy of the CVS repo and even its conversion in to a
Mercurial one...

Is there anyone here interested to play with it a bit?  Is there any
interested in "forking" trn?  I've found two commits done since I retrieved
the repo so I will commit them back in my tree.

I have a redmine ( -- forge-like frontend) instance so people
could contribute (or it could even stay on SF).
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