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On Sun, 23 Nov 2008, Ollivier Robert wrote:

> According to Patrick Vervoorn:
>> Yeah, I know, nothing much has happened. I badly hacked the sources a few
>> times since that release to get it working (again/faster/better). It's too
>> bad there's no real alternative; I've tried slrn, but that's also not it.
>> Are there any people on this list who found a 'worthy' alternative to trn?
> Haven't found one yet either.  There are things that clearly irk me
> about (no utf-8 support, bug with memory allocation when article numbers
> are high) and I'd love to have a copy of the CVS repo to convert it to
> something else and play with it (I guess I could do w/o the history).

Hmmm, I guess I see the memory allocation bug you talk about regularly; 
trn then simply crahses with a memory-related error. That's when I use 
valgrind to run it (again). Not to fix the error (I have no idea where to 
start) but to prevent trn from crashing.

However, my feeling with this is not that it's high article numbers, but 
the length/composition of the subject line. When it crashes, it's usually 
when I try to 'J' (yank) a bunch of articles from a rather large (binary) 
newsgroup. It then either crashes, or it simply sits there, hanging.

Re-doing the action with valgrind as the cushion, allows me to at least 
'J' (yank) the articles in question, so that after that, I can continue. 
(Valgrind makes things a lot slower).

> Still beats the pants off almost every text-based newsreader though.

Definately; as I said, I've tried most of the text-based alternative which 
I could easily get using Debian Linux (apt-get install 
strn/slrn/tin/etc..), but I didn't like any of them a lot.

> I must confess that my Usenet usage has been less and less over the years,
> in the fr.* hierarchy, it is getting less content and we just ditched our
> internal newsgroups for a phpbb3 based solution :(

:( I still have access to news via a few routes. In the groups I follow, 
traffic is still ok-ish, but I hear in many (other) places a lot of the 
discussion moves to web-based forums. While I use a few of those,  they 
are a lot less powerful than news+trn...

Regards, Patrick.

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