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According to Patrick Vervoorn:
> Yeah, I know, nothing much has happened. I badly hacked the sources a few 
> times since that release to get it working (again/faster/better). It's too 
> bad there's no real alternative; I've tried slrn, but that's also not it.
> Are there any people on this list who found a 'worthy' alternative to trn?

Haven't found one yet either.  There are things that clearly irk me
about (no utf-8 support, bug with memory allocation when article numbers
are high) and I'd love to have a copy of the CVS repo to convert it to
something else and play with it (I guess I could do w/o the history).

Still beats the pants off almost every text-based newsreader though.

I must confess that my Usenet usage has been less and less over the years,
in the fr.* hierarchy, it is getting less content and we just ditched our
internal newsgroups for a phpbb3 based solution :(
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