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Patrick Vervoorn <patrick.vervoorn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>On Thu, 27 Nov 2008, Adam H. Kerman wrote:
>>Patrick Vervoorn <patrick.vervoorn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>>>Interesting to see in what ways different people read the newsgroups. In
>>>my case, I first do a scan of the overview-pages, selecting what I (think
>>>I) want to read. At the end, I press 'X' to junk all other stuff, and
>>>start reading. Scrolling by 'space' when things are interesting, when a
>>>sub-thread gets boring, I press ',', when the whole thread has progressed
>>>beyond recovery, I press 'k'. Trn does the rest.

>>That's similar to how I read, although if there's too much to read, I choose
>>what to read on a single page then press D.

>>btw, k junks only the current subject, not the entire thread if the subject
>>has changed; J marks the entire thread as read including multiple subjects.

>I thought J when reading an articles does more than just marking them 
>read. . . . 

No, it doesn't. No kill file entry and I don't think it affects scoring.

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