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On Fri, 22 Aug 2003, Marco van Loon wrote:
>Poorly designed compared to what?
>- uuencoding doesn't contain crc checksums and/or "end of article" marker
>  and has to blindly rely on the Subject: line to stitch multi-part binaries
>  back together in the right order.
>I'm not saying yEnc is good [1], but IMHO it's the least bad of the 3...
>[1] good would be a redesigned usenet where encoding and splitting

I know nothing about yEnc (I've never heard of it), but I still haven't
seen any of the other "binary to text" encodings as good as Binscii on
Apple IIs..  At one point someone started to write a computer-neutral
version of it, but I don't think they got very far..  (either they got sick of
it or lazy).

You can just pipe out the whole articles, in any order, then run sciibin
on the text -- it "just does it right", stripping off the headers, putting
everything in the right order..

none of this "strip off the stuff manually" uudecode crap.

Then again, I think a "redesigned Usenet" would probably not have binary
groups, or would have something URL-like for attached binaries...

Back to trn, on a completely different topic, I wish I could scroll
around messages with up and down arrows, and page back with -..
(basically act like the pine [and I think most every other UNIX] pager..)
I know you can set a pager for trn to use, but I have some vague memory that
this doesn't always work right (maybe when you're at the end of an article?)

Yes, I know pine has a newsreader, but ick.

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