Go to newsgroup problem -- in trn or in man trn?

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First, my version:

PC% trn -V

Trn version: 4.0-test76 (Apr 2, 2001).
Configured for both NNTP and local news access.
You can request help from:  trn-users@lists.sourceforge.net
Send bug reports, suggestions, etc. to: trn-workers@lists.sourceforge.net

Next a quotation from "man trn":

       Newsgroup Selection Level

       In this section the words "next" and "previous"  refer  to
       the  ordering  of the newsgroups in your .newsrc file.  On
       the newsgroup-selection level, the prompt looks like this:


       g newsgroup
               Go  to newsgroup, which can be the group's name or
               a zero-relative  number  of  the  groups  in  your
               .newsrc   (see   the  'L'  command  to  list  your
               .newsrc).  If it isn't  currently  subscribed  to,
               you will be asked if you want to subscribe.


Now and excerpt from the Newsgroup Selection level:

Newsgroups       39 groups

a     5 comp.protocols.ppp
b   176 comp.sys.mac.portables
d     1 comp.sys.macintosh
e   237 rec.photo.digital
f     1 alt.sci.seti
g     1 comp.lang.python
i   778 comp.mail.sendmail
j   119 comp.security.unix

As you can see, there is a news group labeled "g" and, so, if I try
using "g newsgroup" it simply toggles (in this case) comp.lang.python's
selection state as soon as I type the "g" and never lets me even get
to typing the newsgroup I want to go to.

This used to work in earlier versions of trn.  The "g" was simply a
reserved letter, not used for news group selection labels.  What

I've also tried using "G" with the result:

No item 'G' on this page.

again before I'm even given the opportunity to enter a news group
to go to.

Is this a bug in trn or in trn's man page?  If the latter, how DO I
go to a newsgroup that isn't subscribed?

Thanks and

All good wishes,
Charlie Sorsby
        P. O. Box 1225
        Edgewood, NM 87015

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