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Re: Smatch for Xen

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On Tue, Aug 14, 2018 at 03:27:43PM +0200, Norbert Manthey wrote:
> Thanks a lot! I used your scripts and compiled Xen now, as well as
> created the data base for it. As I am interested in analysis that is run
> for the kernel, I also asked the tool to name the project "kernel", as
> that enabled this analysis (e.g. the spectre analysis).
> I called the build_xen_data.sh scripts multiple times on an upstream Xen
> release branch, and the number of warnings did not increase, while for
> the Linux kernel the number of warnings would increase, e.g. warnings
> that depend on the taint analysis like the spectre analysis. Is that
> expected, and is there a way to improve that for Xen?

Yeah.  I just noticed that as well.  I've added the --db-file= option.
See the new attached build scripts.

I'm going to make xen it's own project for the purposes of
check_user_data2.c.  Which functions should set the data as tainted?
Like copy_from_user() in the kernel.  Is it really just the same

I wish I could figure out which version of GCC smatch is saying it is so
I could sort out why the build fails.  It's parsing compiler.h wrong.

dan carpenter

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