Re: Directory structure and version conflicts

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Em 23-05-2013 02:17, Miroslav Suchy escreveu:
On 23.5.2013 00:03, Fabricio Cannini wrote:
Are these scripts generated by SCL or should I provide them ?

You provide them.

Can the paths be customized ? E.G. removing the 'root' directory, or
setting it to something else ?


Can this behavior be modified ? Can SCL modify my current shell ?

No. But you can emulate it by running:
scl enable ruby193 "bash"

Hmmm, seems kludgy . On this one environment-modules seems 'cleaner' to me.

I can do the same thing by modifying %_prefix in ~/.rpmrc , right ? ;)

No. Because e.g. services, logrotate files still have to go to root file
system. SCL will handle all this glitches. It is definitely not one liner:
# ls -lh /etc/rpm/macros.scl
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 12K 29. led 08.54 /etc/rpm/macros.scl

I'll hardly ( if ever ) will package daemons or any software that generates logs, so i don't think this is an issue .

Ok people, thank you so much for your tips, they helped a lot to clarify how should i do it.

Bye !
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