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Em 22-05-2013 01:46, Jeffrey Johnson escreveu:

Hi Jeffrey !


    /{ softwares,libraries,compilers }

  A hierarchy like this has certain performance consequences,
particularly with may identifal directory names.

Rather than using a hierarchy like
try flattening the structure using something string separator. E.g if
you chose '-' as a separator, then the equivalent would be
with fewer sub-directories and essentially the same identifiers.

Funnyly, I was thinking of an alternative structure just like you said:

    /{ softwares,libraries,compilers }


Also, i'm thinking of embedding compiler vendor and version on the 'release' field of the rpm .

As Panu just said, Release: is being abused for all sorts of token identifiers,
adding compiler vendor/version adds complexity for modest gain.

One can add suffixes to the package Name:, but you will have fairly large
identifiers for all your packages no matter whether Name: or Release: is
overloaded with identification tokens.

One simple way out is to add
	Provides: compiler-vendor-version
and then construct a compound --queryformat to extract the additional info when needed.

Using 'Provides:' would not save me from, say, putting 'compiler_name-compiler_version' in 'Name:' to differentiate similar packages, would it ?
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