Re: Directory structure and version conflicts

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Em 22-05-2013 03:05, Miroslav Suchy escreveu:
On 22.5.2013 00:38, Fabricio Cannini wrote:
Hi there

I'm trying to define a directory structure that allow for many varieties
of the same software to be installed . The differences would consist of :

- Software version
- Compiler vendor
- Compiler version

These packages are for centos 5 and 6, basically .

Hi Mirek !

This is addressed by Software Collections. Which quite handy especially
for libraries:

I've never heard of Software Collections before, nice to know. ;)
I could not find how to change the PATH when enabling a collection. I'd guess it's the same way as with LD_LIBRARY_PATH [0] but I'm not sure .


Also, our users are already used to environment-modules .
What would be a great advantage of Software Collections against environment-modules ?
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