Re: possible deprecation and removal of some old QEMU Arm machine types (pxa2xx, omap, sa1110)

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W dniu 15.02.2024 o 9:52 AM, Dmitry Baryshkov pisze:
If we want to actually go there, I think the best option for PCMCIA
support is likely to replace the entire "soc_common" pcmcia driver
with a simple drivers/pata/ storage driver and no support for
other cards.

hmm, main usage for PCMCIA/CF in those devices was often something else,
not storage,

Do we still support any non-storage CF devices that someone might
actually use? Do you have a specific example in mind? These are
the currently supported devices that I see:

The Bluetooth over the PCMCIA UART worked last time I checked it and
according to your grep it is still a valid user.

If we want to keep those pda devices in Linux kernel then dropping whatever PCMCIA which is not a storage sounds like sane way.

No one is going to use such old PDA as daily tool nowadays. And if they want then 6.6 LTS kernel would work better due to WiFi drivers being still present.

Bluetooth CF cards are old, v1.x tech. WiFi is 802.11b unless you manage to get one of those libertas_cs cards but they were rare even when new (I was involved in starting 2.6 driver for it). Camera cards had own out-of-tree drivers at that time.

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