Re: How do I install the dosemu_patch- file?

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mcl wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a dumb question:  I've downloaded and built DOSemu from the source, and it 
> runs bloody excellent!   Fantastic product, and personally, very useful.
> Except I find my APL interpreter cannot "see" the APL direct access files.  
> So, I want to install the patches that have been developed to take DOSemu from 
> version to  patched-version
> How do I do this?  
> Been thru all the info on website, and will now start the process of Google-searching
> for how this is done.
> If anyone gets this note, could you please shoot me a quick reply as to where I can
> find the instructions for installing patches into code?   It's probably a one-liner of
> of an SED program, or something, with then a re-"make" and re-"make install"
> (I hope...)
> Any info appreciated. Thx
> -  MCL

I not know APL. But standard way for aplying patches are Linux/Un*x
"patch" utility. In DOSEMU case, You should download latest developer
version from SVN repository with command (see DOSEMU web page):

svn co

and build DOSEMU from this.

But, You can have other problem - in DOSEMU docs (par. 10.14. from
dosemu-HOWTO.txt) is stated about FoxPro not running at lredir-ed
== network drives, and recommended use "$_hdimage=" instead. Maybe
this is APL interpreter problem too.

Cheers, Franta Hanzlik
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