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I've just installed dosemu 1.4.0 on Slackware 13.37. In .dosemu.rc I have the settings:

$_internal_char_set = "cp437"
$_layout = "hu-cwi"

which would mean that I use a rather old Hungarian keyboard layout and charset setting. The layout works but it does NOT produce the chars it should. E.g. pressing the key right to P produces an 'i umlaut' instead of 'o circumflex'. If I use Alt+147, it will give the required 'o circ', which is used instead of 'o with double acutes', traditionally. Whatever internal char set I set in .dosemu.rc, the situation remains the same. In boot.log I see only:

CONF: Keyboard-layout keyb-user

which does not mean too much for me.

If you could tell me, what the problem is, and how I could get rid of it, I would be glad. I've been using dosemu for many years but never had a problem like this. Thx in advance, KEA.


Keszthelyi András
f. adj.
ÓE-(ex BMF, exx Bánki)-KGK-SZVI

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