Re: DOS program recording it's parameters and environment?

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Dear Frantisek,
Excuse me for slightly OT question. Know anyone DOS program, which is
able record infos with what parameters was started and eventually
other informations about calling environment (e.g. environment
variables, available memory etc.)?

Attacked is a gzip'd tar file with a simple program to do this, but re-named .dat instead of .tgz as we use Google mail and it is too stupid to allow compressed executables to be emailed.

Save to a Linux box and then re-name, then the usual arcive manager or tar can extract the files.

It creates a file dosenv.txt in the working directory and prints out the calling arguments and the environment to that file. If you have a C compiler (I used Microsoft's C6.0 DOS compiler from around 1988) you could modify this program to do other things (e.g. date/time based file names if they fit the 8.3 limit of DOS, etc)

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