DOS program recording it's parameters and environment?

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Excuse me for slightly OT question. Know anyone DOS program, which is
able record infos with what parameters was started and eventually
other informations about calling environment (e.g. environment
variables, available memory etc.)?

I've DOS program, which is optimized for run under windows, and this
program is launching other its supplement programs, which are written
for windows (e.g. search for updates and other access to internet,
print to windows printers etc.). I'm running this program successfuly
under DOSEMU and now I want run some its extension. Thus my questions:

1) Has someone any experience with this matters?

2) Program authors give me no iformations (except that they not support
run program under Linux ;). My idea is uncover how are these external
programs called and then run my own Linux equivalents. Then in first
step i want small program which i can substitute instead of this
windows one and see how is called from DOS program.
I was searching on internet, but found none - maybe i do not know
construct right question.

Thanks in advance, Franta Hanzlik
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