Re: DOS program recording it's parameters and environment?

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Robert Supansic napsal(a):
> Frantisek Hanzlik wrote:
>> Excuse me for slightly OT question. Know anyone DOS program, which is
>> able record infos with what parameters was started and eventually
>> other informations about calling environment (e.g. environment
>> variables, available memory etc.)?
> I do not know if I am understanding your question correctly, but there are two DOS commands that may help:
> Both are run from the command line.
> MEM /C /P will list available memory by type.
> SET will list environmental variables.

Sorry for my bad english. I want program, which I arrange instead of
windows program - which is started by my DOS program but I not know
with what parameters.

For example: closed-source DOS program which i'm using start windows
program WINPROG.EXE with parameters "C:\path\file /A delay=5".
I not know these parameters, but when I take "spying" program, rename
it to "WINPROG.EXE" and replace original program with him, then DOS
program will run my "spying" program - and it can somewhere (e.g. to
file) write info how was started (me interest mainly its parameters,
but other informations, as available memory when was started,
inherited environment variables, etc. would be welcomed).

Such "spying" program should be IMO very simple (sort of any copybook
example) and perhaps already had someone this needs and realize it -
but I cannot find it ;)

Or there is second way - write this itself. But I not know intel
assembler, and use DJGPP C seems for me as "cannon onto sparrow".
Or is there other publicly available programming language for DOS,
which wil produce small code?

Thanks, Franta Hanzlik
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