Re: Why dosemu can not access internal harddisks while running from latest GRML in live CD mode?

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Dear syr,
Thank You very much for Yours realistic words. One colleague on my job is making fun from Me, that it is not problem, if 600 GB harddrive is containing relocated 11 sectors. He sad Me, that it is my error that i AM studiing those information and if i were not know about smart technology, i could stay quiet. His opinion is making Me sad also today. My first harddrive contained bad sectors from The beginning and i have started to use smart related programs to find The problem. And when Windows kernel were not able to read from The harddisk and error message have been appeared, i have found out, that if The result of Smart test is not good, it is really The reason for thinkink about this harddrive and if Smart test fails, also operating system kernel will have The issues while reading The harddrive content. I must wait until my harddrive will totally fail, because my notebook is in The period of varranty and service technicians will not change my harddrive only because but smart tests results. Aspecially, because utility from Toshiba for diagnosink harddrive is very tolerant for The numbers of relocated sectors and because their utility is not showing error, service technicians will tell Me, that computer is OK. So i must regularly make The backup to my external USB harddrive and i must patiently wait till my harddisk will become totally unusable. After varranty will expire, i will try to change The harddisk model if also second changed harddisk will cause The issues. If it will not be able by other procedure, i will use harddisk with lover capacity or special Flash based harddrive, but i do not know, if those harddrives can be connected to The SATA connector like a standard harddisk. Fortunately for Me, recovery program from Toshiba is very blind friendly and i can use it without need to use some virtualisations, i must only press enter for many times and in The one situation i must press TAB key for The several times and i can recover my operating system and device drivers.

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