Re: Why dosemu can not access internal harddisks while running from latest GRML in live CD mode?

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Dear syr,
Thank You very much for Yours help.
Yes, You had right. GRML is including precompiled Speakup in kernel and Speakup is able to use Espeak synthesizer and because Dosemu is professionally preconfigured, i can run Dosemu from one of The virtual consoles and i can read The dos programs messages by using Speakup screen reader. Program HDD Regenerator 2011 is using .exe program for DOS for searching bad harddrive sectors and according to The programmer, it can repair physically damaged sectors. I have Toshiba satellite notebook and my second harddrive is having some bad sectors according to The smart test included in many programs including Diskutility included with Ubuntu. My first harddrive started to have even 11 bad sectors and it started to be more and more slover and it finished by The situation, that harddisk heads were worked constantly and harddrive have been cycled in The self test mode so even Linux kernel were not able to find this device. I would like to know, if it is possibility to repair hydden sectors, which are being hydden by The smart function. Because i think, that every harddrive is having some place to store bad sectors on it, and when this place started to be full, it start to unhyde those bad sectors and even Windows or other operating system kernel is able to find those sectors unusable. I Am very gently to my computers and i AM very sad, that second harddisk is containing those bad sectors. Firstly, there were 5 bad sectors and 6 or 8 weeks later there was 7 bad sectors. If will be more than 10 bad sectors, it will start to blocking Windows kernel and i will get errors that system can't read or write from The specific sectors. When i have tried HDD Regenerator 2011 with my mother, program did not find bad sectors but i think, that program is also depend on BIOS services for accessing sectors and that bad sectors will be only awailable for HDD Regenerator 2011 to repair it when harddisk will contain more than 10 bad sectors. So by The others words, i AM searching for program to repair Toshiba manufactured harddisk. Do You think, that it is possible to connect other than Toshiba harddisk to My notebook? Or BIOS or other build in software modules will only cooperate with their harddisks? If i will have to be forced to change thirt harddisk, it is very unpleasant think. I Am afraid, that i will be forced to use Linux in live Mode and external harddrive for data storage, but because in live Mode system is using RAM for storing .tmp files, it is not very practic approach. And i Am having big issue, i can not find The kernel device driver for The Atheros AR8152/8158 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller (NDIS 6.20) device.
May be, that this kernel device driver not exist.
I can make my Ubuntu or debian remaster, it is not issue for Me, i know about Remastersys or Tux2live, so there are possibility. I have also PCLINUX OS ZEN Mini from Year 2009 and this distro is containing ammazing remastering script, user is even able to remaster from running live CD by specifiing The target partition. It is sad, that this is not possible when using Debian based kernels.

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