Re: Why dosemu can not access internal harddisks while running from latest GRML in live CD mode?

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Dear syr,
Thank You very much for Yours answer.
I will explain You why i would like to experiment with Dosemu so much.
First of all, there are some computer manufacturers, who are developing recovery media, and user is able to reinstall Whoe operating system to The original state by using it. I do not know, how to simulate The boot from The bootable CD or DVD from running Dosemu, i did not understand The command sintax for this operation. Next isue is, if i will be able to emulate booting from boot media successfully, if i will not lost The opportunity to use Speakup screen reader hodkeys. If it will not work like i really restarted my computer or turning it on with special bootable CD in The DVD drive inserted. Second reason is, that bootable recovery programs are not including screen reader, universal .sys driver for DOS, which would be able to access sound carts is rather dream than reality, and there are new computers without serial or parallel port. And if i would want to have equal system administration possibility, i AM being forced to do such thinks.
Also to respect software laws.

So please, would You be so kind and would You send me a modified .conf file with The example how to enable harddrive direct access? I will do it on my own responsibility and i will not try to install Windows98 or other systems by using dosemu, i would really like to only use harddrive repair tools and i will do it with empty harddrive without partitions. If i will get some error messages from Dosemu or Linux kernel, i will give it up.

Thank You very much for Yours answer.

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