Why dosemu can not access internal harddisks while running from latest GRML in live CD mode?

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Dear core developers of Dosemu, dear Linux kernel developers,
    I would like to kindly please You for one programmers question.
Why Dosemu can not phisically access The harddrive, IDE or SATA, when some DOS compatible application is executed by running Dosemu? Why only RAM disks can be accessible? I AM running Dosemu by using latest GRML stable release in live CD mode. If it is inpossible to access physical harddrive, why? And how complex would be to change Linux kernel phylosophy or Dosemu CODE to enable this?
Why I AM giving those questions?
Because I AM visually impaired and very probably, some of us know, that some applications, special bootable CDS for repairing harddrives, such as Disk_repair. Those programs are using some DOS operating system and .exe application for DOS. Those utilites are not accessible for visually impaired users, because there are very little computers equipped with parallel or serial ports, i mean new computers. But if Dosemu will only allow those programs to access some RAM drive instead of harddisk build in The computer, it is sad. If there is some configuration which will allow Dosemu to access The internal harddrive, no only RAM drives when running Dosemu from GRML live CD, please letme know. If there is similar non DOS utility for repairing bad harddrive sectors, i will be very glad to use Linux tool instead. I AM very sad, that SmART data technology is preventing users of harddrives with smart to access The sectors, which smart rremapped as bad.
So no programs can repair those sectors.
Only if there will be so much bad sectors, that smart can not remap those sectors to The special reserved harddrive area, programs can find those bad sectors. The question is, if there is real chance to repair physical magnetic faulty of sectors by using software, if it is not only The commercial trick and only special labs equipped with special devices and people, who are able to open The harddrive box and manually repair The magnetic media are able to repair physical bad sectors.
Thank You very much for Yours comments.
With kindness regards.
Janusz Chmiel

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