Re: DOSEmu has crashed while calling INT 3!

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Mike McCarty ???????(??):
?????? ???????? wrote:


Gicked people! Please help me to fix these *very* bad bug in the DOSEmu!!! DOSEmu 1.4 is suxx?

I don't know what "gicked" means, but unless your attitude improves,
and I mean like RIGHT NOW, then you aren't going to get any help
from me. You'll get kicked to the curb. You know what "Plonk!" means?

You get a free tool. It _maybe_ doesn't work properly, and you
cop an attitude like this?

I have two words




Apologize, or get lost, buddy!

I don't know who are You write about this. I confuse "geek" with "gick", and so, I see the English dictionary, and see who not "geek" or "gick" word I needed, but "clever". But I sorry.
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