Re: DOSEmu has crashed while calling INT 3!

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>If, using TP 7, and using F7, you have a crash, then look at the code you
>are executing. It's unlikely to be DOSEMU's fault. I've used F7 many
DOSEmu crashed while trying to trace *any* program in the Turbo Pascal environment using F7 or F8 keys, for example, DOSEmu crashing after second pressing the F7 after pressing F9 key in the program called 'hello':
Program Hello;
DOSEmu does not crashed in the previous version of DOSEmu, for example, DOSEmu v1.2 and v1.3 does not crashed while trying to trace any program in the Turbo Pascal. Gicked people! Please help me to fix these *very* bad bug in the DOSEmu!!! DOSEmu 1.4 is suxx?
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