Re: DOSEmu has crashed while calling INT 3!

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On Sun, Nov 8, 2009 at 11:55 AM, ?????? ???????? <vargulin@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Paul Lagasse ???????(??):
>> ?????? ???????? wrote:
>>> (I have DOSEmu 1.4 in Ubuntu Linux 9.10), DOSEmu has crashed
>> Does the problem occur in Ubuntu 9.04? I've had things crash in 9.10 that
>> don't crash in earlier Ubuntu releases.
> Yes, problem has occur in the Ubuntu 9.04. In the Ubuntu 8.04 and 8.10 (with
> DOSEmu 1.2 and DOSEmu 1.3) problem does not exist.

How did dosemu crash? Do you see a trace in ~/.dosemu/boot.log?
It might actually be a kernel bug, if dosemu crashes with a plain
"segmentation fault", and if you run "dmesg" after, which says
something like:

--May 22 16:47:47 localhost kernel: note: dosemu.bin[5281] exited with
preempt_count 1

I attempted to fix the issue in the kernel but there was a problem
with the patch -- I'll revisit when I have time.
A workaround is using $_cpu_emu="vm86" or recompiling the kernel with
preemption disabled.

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