Re: DOSEmu has crashed while calling INT 3!

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Bart Oldeman ???????(??):
On Sun, Nov 8, 2009 at 11:55 AM, ?????? ???????? <vargulin@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Paul Lagasse ???????(??):
?????? ???????? wrote:
(I have DOSEmu 1.4 in Ubuntu Linux 9.10), DOSEmu has crashed
Does the problem occur in Ubuntu 9.04? I've had things crash in 9.10 that
don't crash in earlier Ubuntu releases.

Yes, problem has occur in the Ubuntu 9.04. In the Ubuntu 8.04 and 8.10 (with
DOSEmu 1.2 and DOSEmu 1.3) problem does not exist.

How did dosemu crash? Do you see a trace in ~/.dosemu/boot.log?
It might actually be a kernel bug, if dosemu crashes with a plain
"segmentation fault", and if you run "dmesg" after, which says
something like:

--May 22 16:47:47 localhost kernel: note: dosemu.bin[5281] exited with
preempt_count 1

I attempted to fix the issue in the kernel but there was a problem
with the patch -- I'll revisit when I have time.
A workaround is using $_cpu_emu="vm86" or recompiling the kernel with
preemption disabled.

I see the boot.log on the DOSEmu directory. In these file does not contain "segmentation fault" or "
I see the boot.log on the DOSEmu directory. In these file does not contain "segmentation fault". I can sent to someone of Your's Turbo.Exe, Turbo.Tpl and Hello.pas for make an experiment with these shitted bug. For experiment, please download the Ubuntu 9.10 ISO image, and boot from it, written to the CD disk, and after booting from it, install the official dosemu package (with dosemu 1.4) and download the my package with turbo.exe, turbo.tpl and hello.pas, and in the dosemu go to directory contain these files and run the turbo.exe and press F9 and twice press the F7 or F8 key for get this ugly bad bug. These file package at: (238 KB). Deletion link is: Enjoy.
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