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For the record, it was me who nudged Sumantro to send this proposal. It's my understanding that having the date in the title discourages Sumantro (or anyone handling it) from creating the wiki page too soon, before the page is really settled. It makes sense, because any date change (and sometimes the dates change quite a lot when shuffling test days around) adds extra work - not just changing the contents, but also renaming the page (which creates an automatic redirect), and then also updating the hyperlinks, if you already have them prepared in some announcement template or something. The effect is that wiki pages are done later than ideal, and some proactive developers need to ping us and request that we finally create it, which is not a good service from us (this was my trigger for all this). So I was thinking - why are we really doing this? Is there a good reason, or can we simplify?

Having a distinguisher like "F38" or "Fedora 38" in the title seems good enough (we have that there even already [1][2]), and the date is in the infobox, and seem to be processed, because the template [3] includes:

| date = '''FIXME'''
<!-- The testdays app will parse this, so please make sure to have it in format 'date = YYYY-MM-DD' or 'date = YYYY-MM-DD to YYYY-MM-DD' -->

(see more inline comments below)

On Thu, Mar 2, 2023 at 6:00 PM Adam Williamson <adamwill@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
The wikitcms parser relies on the YYYY-MM-DD part of the title,
so if we change this I would have to rewrite the parser to handle two
different types of test day page, which is a pain.

OK, that's unfortunate. Why two types? Couldn't all test days be handled through infobox parsing? Perhaps the code could be copied from testdays.
I do kinda like the date in the title personally, honestly. It's one of
the most important pieces of information about a test day, and having
it in the title means any time you share or see a link to the test day,
the information about when it's happening is baked in.

Yes. But it can go stale, it adds some complications (see above), and in the last cycles we've tried to move away from single day events and make them multi-day or a whole week. Then the date in the title can have an opposite effect, someone might not even click on it because it's already "too late".

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