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Hey Folks!

In the recent past, I have experienced multiple such scenarios where
the creation of the test day pages well in advance could have saved us
some time and helped a long way with planning. The test day planning
is already done with a short fuse; meaning from the day the maintainer
wants a test day to be hosted to the actual day is sometimes less than
7 days.

Creating multiple pages and then redirecting them is a possible
workaround but is messy and resource-consuming. Fedora Test Day Web
App already sorts the events by date and it's easy to read through.
Executing this proposal at the earliest will help spin out test day
skeleton pages and tagged to the issue tracker well in advance. As
Fedora Linux keeps growing and test days keep increasing, this move
will help us to roll out wiki pages in advance at least a couple of
releases prior; keeping in sync with which changeset lands in which

This in the long run (when badges are functional) will have test day
owners, tag appropriate release test day badges right in the ticket
itself. This will help our contributors to explore more about the test
days they care about and the recognition token attached to them.

I would like to know your thoughts about this move and thanks a lot of
contributing to Fedora QA team!

Fedora QE
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