Re: more newbie-friendly dual-boot instructions?

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On 12/7/20 11:18 AM, Matthew Miller wrote:

... which says:

    "Fedora 33 is that Linux distribution that welcomes new users, but also
     gives them plenty of room to grow and learn. If a user wants to use the
     desktop and never venture beyond simplicity, Fedora can do that. For
     those users who eventually get bored and want to explore a bit more,
     Fedora can do that as well."

... which is awesome, but then that user runs up against the difficulty that
is installing, and yeah, unless they're ready to devote a whole machine,
partitioning is going to be staring them in the face pretty soon.
So who does this ^ article mean when they say "new users" - because if installation is the big hurdle (and it's not just for Fedora), why is there no mention of installing how to / partitioning how to in this article?

If I google (well, duckduckgo) for "how to try linux" I get this up top:

It suggests using liveUSB.

Next item down,

This gives instructions to order Xubuntu preinstalled on a 32gb usb stick

Next one down:

These instructions walk through how to pick a distro, install it to USB or DVD (either live or as an external USB drive install), and how to install to VM.

Next down:

VirtualBox, Windows built in Linux subsystem, USB flash drive are the 3 easy ways.

Last one I'll mention:

Walks through doing a live USB or DVD install.

None of these hits for "how to try linux" mention partitioning a hard drive or dual boot. It's just not an option apparently that tech journalists who authored these top hits decided to cover.

I think it would really help to be much clearer about what is meant by "new user" or "newbie" here. This is not a Fedora-specific problem, every distro has this problem. If "newbie" means "new to Fedora, not necessarily Linux" then we are no different than any other distro. If "newbie" means "new to Linux, thinking about trying Fedora" then maybe we should look at the distros that type of newbie is going for and look at how they are handling that path. Maybe mentioning the Lenovo pre-installs somewhere on our website would be nice for that audience? But the majority of folks, regardless of distro, have this hurdle and I don't see dual boot coming up when I search for guides aimed at what I think is the correct audience here so I don't understand why that's what we're looking to as the solution?

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