Re: more newbie-friendly dual-boot instructions?

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So by newbie, you don't mean newbie, you mean has-a-luxury-of-time-to-learn-from-scratch-how-to-partition-hard-drives-and-aware-of-other-distros-and-their-recommended-procedures-and-knows-what-a-distro-is-in-the-first-place?

By newbie I was thinking rather than shuffling the deck chairs on the S.S. Already-Uses-Loonix *and* was born before 1995, actually getting a fresh population to try hopping aboard! Ahoy!

If they can buy a USB stick at a local drugstore, stick it in, download an exe file and install and run it, it's already asking a lot I think of the specific audience I was eyeing (bored and quarantined remote learning students who own one computer and can't F it up or they can't go to school.)

VM would probably be better and lower risk except that gets dicey cuz you dont know what VM software they're using.

Anyway, my misunderstanding! 😜 Although please please consult the installed team before making any multiboot recommendations in an official capacity!

I hear you on the not wanting to make things complicated which is why I am suggested dual boot should be out of the equation.

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